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JANUARY 18, 2021

Composites design helps
nano-sized lunar rover
hit big milestones

Developed by Carnegie Mellon University, the ultralight, composites-intensive Iris nano-rover will make its lunar debut later this year.

JULY 02, 2020

Tiny, simple moon rovers
will bring cubesat science
to the lunar surface

Next year, as part of NASA's lunar delivery orchestrated by the Pennsylvania-based company Astrobotic, the agency will launch a small rover to begin that revolution. That rover is called Iris and is the first of a new, small and simple design called CubeRovers to hearken back to cubesats.

JULY 02, 2020

Ex-intern used NASA skills
to lead robot rover
moon mission

A former intern at NASA stepped up in a leading role and created a small robotic explorer destined to land on the Moon, according to a blog post from NASA.

JUNE 15, 2020

Pittsburgh researchers and companies want to get
American robots and people back to the moon

Some Pittsburgh rovers are gearing up to take big steps for mankind.Carnegie Mellon University researchers are developing what could be the first American robotic rover to explore the moon’s surface.

MAY 14, 2020

Iris Lunar Rover
meets milestone
for flight

"We are moving forward…we’re going to the moon," a triumphant project manager, Raewyn Duvall, told Iris team members during a Zoom meeting following the review.

MAY 12, 2020

CMU's tiny robot rover
passes NASA design review
ahead of 2021 trip to the Moon

Carnegie Mellon University is one step closer to operating its robotic rover on the surface of the Moon: The school’s diminutive bot has passed a crucial NASA design review, performed by the agency in collaboration with Astrobotic, whose Peregrine lunar lander will be providing the ride for the robot down to the surface of the Moon on a mission set for 2021.